Monday, 7 June 2010

Back In Blog Land!

Its good to be back. My foundation degree is coming to an end. Yer! So I find myself with the time for blogging again. To celebrate the end of a three year journey I have had a couple of treats. 'Ooooo' lovely. To start with, a few Sweet Williams to brighten up the kitchen window. I can't remember the last time I bought flowers for the home.

And for those of you that remember clubbing in the 70's and 80's I went with my dear friend and sister-in-law, Wendy, to see the cool, sexy, George Benson. Can you believe he is now 67 and still sings like a young soulful hunk! And that guitar playing! WOW! As you can tell, we thought he was excellent! We had a great night. We danced ( I use the term loosely) and sang (again I use the term loosely) from start to finish, along with everyone else!

We had a lovely Chinese meal before hand. And we must thank the men in our life's for the tickets, although I said this was a treat for finishing my degree, our men actually bought the tickets back in February for Valentines day for us. 'Georgie' was worth waiting for!

So you can see what I have been up to whilst away, I have placed a snippet of my mixed media work from my foundation degree on my other blog please pop a cross, take a look and let me know what you think.
I'm off now to spend my evenings catching up on what everyone has been doing in blog land. I'm so excited to be back.
Hugs Lesley. xx

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Whats New On The Dresser This Month?

Empty jar, purchased from our local supermarket (you'll have one in your area) for just £1.00.
I could fill it with lovely jams, chutneys or pickles but no I went for the easy quick option.....


With a little bit of detail by means of a ribbon tied in a bow.

Mini marshmallows too!!!!!!! Yummy especially on your hot chocolate, even through the summer months. Tee Hee.

And this is what they are sneakily placed between.

This is a little wooden book mark in the shape of traditional Malaysian dress, it was a present from my sister but its just too nice to use as a book mark so it sits nicely on our dresser.

My charity shop purchase of the week. Yer!!!!!! This pretty glass cake stand for the grand total of a whole £1.00.

Just got to fill it with delicious cakes now. 'Mmmmmm'.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

We Took Advantage Of The Good Weather!

We've created a small wildlife pond. Mr S gets great pleasure from the little bits of wildlife that visit our garden, so to increase these visits and hopefully attract more he requested a small wildlife pond. So we set to ...........

I have to say that with NO GREAT PLANNING, we assembled the workforce, my special niece No 2 and her boyfriend Andy (an about to sneeze look Andy).

We dug out a hole. (well Andy did!!) We lined it with carpet, an old piece I had from our old summer house. Never throw anything away!!!!!!!

We covered that with a lining sheet.

And using water from our water barrels we filled it. It did take some time so as you can see my special niece had a sit down. So we all had a break to soak up the sun (sun cream provided) and hadsome lunch, a homemade quiche, salad and CHIPS, ANDY!!! (which I must say they have both successfully made at home since).

Once lunch had been digested we carried on and created this! Using some old york stone

(I think) slabs that I got from my special mans mum because she was throwing them away about 5 years back. Never throw anything away!!! Tee Hee.

Pebble's where taken from an old pebble pond and we ended up with this!! Not perfect and still a bit of work to do but looking good so far! And I must say it's already attracting many, many birds to the garden.

I thought these where nice to share too, just some pics of the garden grasses and ferns that have already established themselves in other areas of our garden.

I will recommend for this project that you have a very helpful willing niece and an 'Andy', that is definitely well organised at the drop of a hat. It was so nice, can I say sooooo very nice to have someone else help with one of those little projects that the mind is always willing to tackle but occasionally the body isn't! I'm sure you know what I mean. I'm so lucky to have such young fit nieces with strapping strong partners.

PS. Can I also thank niece No3 for the loan of her digital camera to take these snap shots. Mine is still broken. Oh dear!

Talk Soon.
Have A Good Week.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

So This Is What I've Been Upto!!

Well in the month of May I decided to show you where and what my feet had been up to during that month and to feature my feet on my blog each month from then on. So here goes, I'm afraid my feet during the month of June haven't been to any exotic and exciting places, but they have been busy!

Here they are early June in my wonderful hand knitted slippers that my mum made me. I love them, they are soooooo comfortable and warm. They are standing on some very bare stripped bedroom floor boards.

And here is a very bare bedroom removed of all pretties and furniture, ready for decorating.
Its been a little while since out bedroom has had a makeover and on discussions with my special man we decided on a colour scheme of black, white and silver. I didn't want the room to be too girlie because my special man has to spend the same time in it as I do. So these three colours seem to get a balance of both feminine and masculine! Well have a look anyway see what you think.
These are the new cushions I made, we use them to prop ourselves up so we can have that relaxing read ever night before we drift off to sleep. (not very long in my case, head, hits, pillow and sleep springs to mind).

All our furniture in the house is pine. However as you can see, being on a tight budget we couldn't afford to buy new so I gave our shabby, tatty, scratched pine a shabby chic white look instead. This is HIS (Mr Special Mans bedside drawers). Oh, and check out those bargain photo frames, £2.59 each just got to sort out the pic's to go in them now.

And this is HERS! Tee Hee, my bedside drawers and mirror.

Again this is HIS side (although my collection of costume jewellery has sneaked its way in a little).

And this is HERS side!!! (with a little more costume jewellery sneaking in, Tee Hee!)

And this is the shared wardrobe in between. As you can imagine all this furniture took some shabby chic distressing. I sanded all the pine down first, then washed it down with a cloth and sanded the bits that I'd missed, because I always miss a bit! Tee Hee! I then put an undercoat on and then two topcoats of the final acrylic water base paint. I then scraped and sanded off areas that I thought would get general damage with wear and tear to give it that lived in look. Ooooooo, I also made our curtains and bed throw too. So thats the tour of our newly decorated bedroom. Now because I moved our mirror from the hall to the bedroom I went in search of a new one for the hall and check out this......

Our new 'Art Deco' mirror found in a local charity shop and for the bargain price of £5. I love it, what a find!!!

And on the same day I found the mirror I bought these wonderful 'Sweet Williams' for the hall for the special price of £1.60 from our local green grocers. The colours are so pretty and go perfect in our hall.

Whilst I had the bug and had moved this mirror from the hall to our bedroom it left the hall with a gap on the wall to fill......

So the new mirror went on this side of the hall......

And yes you've guessed it, I shuffled and gave some more of our old pine furniture that shabby chic white makeover. I just need to make some nice textile pieces to put on the shelves now.

Oh and just to share with you my charity shop bargain deal again, I did I say it was just £5. Tee Hee.

Hope your having a good week.

Enjoy the rest of the sunny weather, don't forget to cream that skin up.

Take care.



PS. There's a new posting on my textile only blog. Check out,

Monday, 15 June 2009

Mums Memory Book.

Hi Everyone! I should be finishing off making the curtains for our newly decorated bedroom but its been soooooo long since I have done any blogging I thought I would put them to one side and do a little post.

I have a dear friend that is a wonderful card maker and scrap booker (if that's the right word, tee hee) and about a year ago she gave me the inspiration to start a scrap book for my mum. Well I like to look at it as a book of my mums life that she can develop with me.

I'm sure in every household across the counties there is a box, drawer, full of family photographs and I must confess to having such a box that's bulging at the sides. My last few years of photos have been stored on disc and although I love to sit at our computer and browse through them its not quite as satisfying and fun as browsing through a pile of old family black and whites.

So wondering what to do with all these fabulous pics that where getting bent and damaged I started mums memory book. And here are the first few pages. Not in any particular order.

The decorative paper was a gift from my friend and just happened to be the same colour as the silk blouse my mum got married in. Perfect for my first page. I made an envelope for the page and tucked into it are my parents marriage lines. The text that I have put to the page is a section of the marriage vows that they said to each other. Had my dad still been alive today they would have been married 54 years.

I love this photo, an everyday occurrence my mum making a cup of tea. We still have parts of this tea service it is white porcelain with a beautiful swirl gold pattern. Although I love the wonderful papers you can purchase to make scrap books I wanted to make my mums memory book a little more personal from me so with that in mind I made little teapot templates and then decorated them using mark making techniques with inks. I used a Doyle imprint to create the design around the frame of the photograph using a sponge and diluted Procion dye. The tag that is slid into the Doyle on the left of the page is an open invitation to tea and a sticky bun at our house any time.

This is me and my mum. I love the wallpaper in the back ground of this photo. I used my water colours to paint all the little flowers on the prams and around the frame that holds the photo. In the centre is a little card I purchased from one of our local gift shops, this gave me the inspiration for the colour scheme. I have made a promise to myself to get at least another three pages completed this summer. I did so enjoy creating these three, its just with my uni' work, taking care for my special man and general household chores they isn't a great deal more time for my little personal projects. I think we should extend the hours in the day and the days in the week. There should be a compulsory set amount of hours allotted to be nothing but creative! Still I guess it makes it all the more precious when you do get those special times to yourself to have fun.

I'm afraid my camera is poorly at the mo' not sure whats wrong with it so my future postings will be of passed projects until I get it better again. If that's an option and its not too poorly that it needs to be totally replaced!!
Enjoy your week!
Take Care.

Friday, 29 May 2009

A Quick One Just to Say I'm Still Around

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all well. Sorry I've not been in blog land for a couple of weeks but as usual life just took over! I've been busy with my final pieces and assignments for my part time degree but I'm pleased to say all work has been submitted and I now have 12 weeks off! Hooray!!!!!!! I have also been decorating our bedroom, making curtains and giving our very old tired pine furniture a new lease of life with that shabby chic look. Once finished I'll give you a peak.

I wanted to share this with you. A few weeks back a parcel arrived on our doorstep. I love unexpected parcels, don't you?

And inside was a gift made by my little special Mr F. A very close friends little boy who is just sooooo cute.

I must say she arrived a little squashed but with a little gentle manipulation she soon took shape. I seem to be the only person in the world that has never had the pleasures of owning a grass head dolly and I was a little unsure what to do with her. So after a text to my friend she informed me just to pop her in a small container and water her. So I did!!!!!! And Look.

She started to grow. I couldn't keep on calling her, 'she' so I asked the special man to name her and being the clever guy that he is she is now know as LAWNA! Get it! Grass, lawn. Tee Hee.

Her back view is a little sparse but still growing. Tee Hee.

And look one week later.

LAWNA is growing well..........

And not to be smug but look! Sorry about the quality of the photo but I hope you can get the idea. I must confess to giving her a trim because she was going a little wayward. Tee Hee. In all directions.

Although she is still a little challenged on top. I love her and she's extra special because she was made just for me, with earrings. Thank you very much little Mr F for my lovely present. Lets hope we can get her with a complete full head of grass over the next few weeks, watch this space.
Hope you enjoyed being introduced to LAWNA. I'll keep you updated on her green flowing locks.
Will Post Again Soon.
Have A Great Weekend
Enjoy The Weather.
And Don't Forget The Sun Cream

Monday, 4 May 2009

Chin Swee Temples Genting, Malaysia

I know I said I wouldn't show anymore pics from Malaysia but these are just to delightful to keep to myself. Glancing at the itinerary pinned to my nieces wall it said, 'Today we are off to the Chin Swee Cave Temples!' Oooooo exciting I thought to myself, what does my dear special niece No 1 have in store for us today. And not to be disappointed she took us here!

Our first view was of this wonderful nine story decorative pagoda. Just to explain in brief the Chin Swee Cave Temples are in a wonderful scenic area in the Genting Highlands. Its a place of wonderland myths and legends with a fabulous temple hidden in the cave side.

A little close up detail of the pagoda. I couldn't stop looking at it because each time I saw more beauty, colour and something different. It had a fabulous spiral staircase(as you would imagine) inside too.

Such gorgeous colour and decoration on all sides and on every level. My camera couldn't click quick enough.

And just take a look at these fabulous lanterns leading down to the actual temple. where everyone what ever their religion (or not) was welcome to have a prayer. A peaceful, relaxing environment removed from the hustle bustle of the rest of the world.

Beneath this very bright ornate decorated roof was the actual temple.

And the decoration wasn't just on the outside. I took many pictures of the inside of the temple but I wanted to show the highly decorative columns with such vibrant strong uplifting colours.

A close up of the ornate decorative roof corner.

I love this photo, its another small temple free to have a word with whoever you feel the need too. But just look at that natural beauty in the background. I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of my trip around the Chin Swee Cave Temples I certainly enjoyed my visit thanks to the excellent planning of my dear niece. Surrounded by Buddha's mostly joyful Buddha's wishing you luck, fortune, good health and peace was quite uplifting.

Hope the start of your week is going well.
Take Care.
'Oooooo', I forgot to say if you have an interest in weaving take a look at my textile blog here